Jim Smith - Northpoint Mortgage a branch of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp, NMLS # 2289
300 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 250
Roswell, Georgia 30075

Jim Smith - Senior Loan Officer

Jim is an Atlanta native and Georgia Tech graduate who thoroughly understands the characteristics of this market. As a loan officer with Northpoint Mortgage, Jim maintains a comprehensive knowledge of a continually growing list of loan product offerings. He not only understands the importance of staying educated with the changing market, he also believes in working with his clients’ individual needs and schedules.

By making himself available to his clients at all times, Jim proves a great resource for both accurate and timely information. Staying current with loan options and products, educating clients to make informed decisions, and making the loan process a worry free experience, are among Jim’s primary goals in his business.

Jim has been a mortgage originator for the past 12 years, was a licensed financial planner for two years and has 10 years of manufacturing management experience, including roles as plant manager and business unit manager for Fortune 500 companies. As a senior loan officer, Jim is very experienced with FHA, VA, conventional, Jumbo, short sales, foreclosures, construction and renovation and out of state lending.

Please call or email Jim any time and he will be happy to serve any way possible!

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Jim Smith
Senior Loan Officer
(678) 300-6164
NMLS #545225 , LMB #58417

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