January 2, 2019 | Abby Hood
Winter is here. Regardless of whether you’re packing up a vacation home for the season or simply traveling from your primary residence for a week or two, caring for a vacant home during the winter months is important. Protecting one of your biggest assets is critical in the colder weather.

1. Keep Your Home From Looking Vacant - Colder weather means fewer neighbors out and about. New technology, such as Alexa, can help you make the home seem occupied. Add a video doorbell and/or CCTV to allow you to “watch” your home from anywhere.

2. Protect Your Pipes – Bursting pipes can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Before leaving town, turn your water off and drain your pipes by opening faucets and flushing toilets.

3. Keep a Minimum Temperature – Even with drained pipes, the home temperature should not drop below 55 degrees. Appliances, hot water heater and other systems risk damage in freezing temperatures.

4. Perform Preventative Maintenance Before You Leave – In addition to basic upkeep, make sure your systems are working properly. Heating and cooling systems, appliances, wiring and outlets can all create a fire hazard if not in good condition. Unplug all appliances and unnecessary lights before you leave.

5. Have an Emergency Plan – Make sure someone is available to help, in the event of an emergency.


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