September 26, 2018 | Abby Hood
Ever feel "stuck in a rut" so to speak with your home improvements? Great news! Believe it or not, you typically don't need thousands of dollars to fully refurbish your home to make it feel like new again. Instead, you can Do It Yourself (DIY) with a lot of features in your house to help spruce it up for the upcoming season. Whether you plan to sell your home, entertain or are just tired of how drab it's been feeling lately, here are a few tricks and tips you can use to refresh your space:

Throw out all of the junk taking up space! You'd be surprised by how much more you'll fall back in love with your home when you take out the collection of accumulated stuff that has piled up over the years and finally get to see your home's features for what they are. Store what you don't need/use in either the attic, basement, or in a storage unit. After you've decluttered, be sure to finish it off by cleaning your home as if it was spring cleaning. Wipe windows, walls, and scrub the floors for the best results.

Do you have heavy curtains covering your windows? Bring them down! Not only will this make your living space feel bigger by removing stuff off the walls, it'll also feel alive again with all of the natural light that pours in. I personally love the tranquility of natural lighting.

Nothing refreshes a home like a new coat of paint on those scuffed up walls. If you have dark dull colors, opt for lighter tones. Covering up stains on the walls, or drab old paint, can help your house feel brand new all over again.

Consider adding a tile back-splash in your kitchen or bathroom. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get beautiful results.

Note: Be sure you get tiles that compliment the colors in the space, so it doesn't clash and look unappealing.

Although neutral colors are always recommended as the base of any home decor, don't be afraid to compliment your neutrals with a pop of color. You can add it throughout the home by using flowers, pillows, decor, or even light curtains that are staged on the sides of your windows.

You'd be surprised by how much more a kitchen can look different just by replacing the hardware on the cabinets. A bathroom or living room can come alive again by installing a single, brand new light fixture. If you moved into a place that still has the same builder grade hardware, replace them and add a little creativity with the new pieces you have installed.

Head to Pinterest and get inspired for new living room, bedroom, or dining room arrangements. View a variety of furniture set-ups on social media and let it motivate you to rearrange your space. You don't have to buy a bunch of new furniture to make a drastic change.

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