October 3, 2018 | Abby Hood
Eliminating bad pet odors from your home is incredibly important; particularly if you think you may  want to sell in the future. You will want to make sure you've removed those ugly carpet stains and pet smells before putting it on the market. Often times, the first thing buyers notice upon entering your home, is how it smells. If there is an odd odor, it will instantly put them off. We have first hand experience!

Many of you know that us girls at Sweet Magnolia Homes are pet lovers! Sweet Heidi belongs to Dia and Buford and Lucille (LuLu)  belong to Abby (shown below left to right).


Although we keep our pets clean and well-groomed, they can start to give off an odor if we don't stay on top of regular home cleaning. No matter how beautifully staged and presented a home is, strong odors or stale air can make your home unappealing to prospective buyers and even yourself as homeowners. Opening windows and exhaust fans will only go so far in removing foul odors, but won't generally eliminate it completely. To ensure you don't lose potential buyers, follow these odor eliminating tips to ensure your home smells and feels fresh and new.

Avoid Artificial Freshening Sprays

Don't make the mistake of spraying artificial room freshener sprays in hopes that it will remove the bad odor. Deodorizers will quickly fade, and only mask the smell, sometimes in an overwhelming way. If a buyer walks into your home, your air freshener can cause a reaction, like a runny nose or a headache, and may make them suspicious of an underlying foul odor. Instead of trying to mask it, locate the actual source of the bad odor and get rid of it. Continue reading for tricks on how to do just that!

An Odor Absorber Is A Must

We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately, they can get your home pretty smelly. Whether the smell is on the carpet, furniture, or even on the walls - it's essential to have it removed. Most odors stem from accidents. You always want to attend to the accident right away. Blot them with a paper towel and use mild dish washing liquid to help remove the odor. Once completely cleaned, blot again with fresh paper towels to dry the spot. If the accident is not recent, use an enzyme cleaner to eat the bad bacteria. Another great idea is to use activated charcoal. It is a form of carbon that has been activated to make it extremely porous. You can get activated charcoal great for treating pet odors at most pet stores. Ask a staff member if you can't easily locate or check out this link.

Go Green 

Using natural odor eliminators is a great green alternative to most of the chemicals sold at stores. One of the most recommended products is to use baking soda. You can place an open box of it in a room to help absorb unwanted smells. It also helps to remove musty aroma in dark spaces, like a basement. On top of being used to remove pet odors, it also works great for cigarette smells. If you don't wish to use baking soda, most pet supply stores will have green cleaning products that help remove odors, while still being safe for your household. An example of an environmentally friendly odor removal product is Bodhi Dog Pet Carpet Powder.

As always, don't hesitate to comment below or message us privately with questions. Pets may be smelly at times but they sure are lovable!



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